Languages: english Updated 10/04/2017 16:59:17

The congress section shows the list of parties that have members of Congress. For each party, the following is displayed:

  • Party name
  • Percentage of Congress seats taken by the party
  • Number of Congress Members, shown as green icons.

Congress are elected every 30 days, people in a party can apply for congress election and become electable when party president make them official. The number of congressmen in each region is currently 2 from each party. The congressmen can start different votes and got one vote each, same as president. They can accept citizenships to the country and start vote currently about following:

  • Mutual Protection Pact or MPP
  • Impeach President
  • Welcome Message
  • Buy Construction
  • Donate
  • Minimum Wage
  • Propose Peace
  • Declare War
  • Trade embargo
  • Change Taxes
  • Citizen Fee
  • Issue money