Languages: english Updated 02/12/2017 14:21:57

Probation Countries

Probation countries were added to make sure that the fact of the country not showing in citizen registration form doesn't ruin the chances of the community becoming active and kickstarting their own country. Despite the fact that administration closely watches the country moves in order to give it better chances of suceeding, there are some differences between "normal" countries and probation countries.

Probation country
  • Starts with 3 regions;
  • Starts with 200 Gold and 50 000 Currency;
  • Administration checks probation country actions;
  • Cannot be attacked or attack another regions;
  • When reach 25 citizens: Receives +300 Gold;
  • When reaches 50 citizens: Loses probation status - receives +500 Gold and all the country regions become active.
Note: Can still participate in wars via MPP.