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Raw Materials

Raw materials are goods produced in companies, used in the production of products. There are numerous regions around the world with different levels of raw materials to be extracted; they are an infinite source and do not run out over time.

  • Grain Grain, used to manufacture food
  • Fruit Fruit, used to manufacture juice
  • Iron Iron, used to manufacture weapons
  • Oil Oil, used to manufacture moving tickets
  • Wood Wood, used in the construction of houses, hospitals, and defense systems


Products are goods manufactured or constructed in companies using raw materials. They are bought and sold in the marketplace.


The following products are made by citizens using the manufacturing economy skill:

  • Food Food
  • Juice Juice
  • Weapon Weapon
  • Moving Ticket Moving Ticket


The following products are made by citizens using the construction economy skill:

  • House House
  • Hospital Hospital
  • Defense System Defense System
  • Hotel Hotel