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War is one of the most interesting and important things in the game. To view all active wars go to Info -> Active Wars.

Declare war

War can be declared only by a President. He proposes the law to Congress and they vote, after 24 hours when the law is accepted war is declared. War can be declared only if a country shares a common border with the country they want declare war to. War can even be declared on an ally. When the war is declared both countries start without allies. You can check a country's potential allies by looking at their mutual protection pacts (MPPs)

Cost of declaring war = 50g + (Country that's declaring war population * 0.3g)

War rules

When the war is declared the President or Minister of Defence can attack enemy regions. They can attack as many regions as they want if there is a border with them. Initiative for attacking will last for 24 hours. After 24 hours if the country that started the war doesn't attack, the defending country can attack. If no does anything with initiative for 24 hours, then both countries will have initiative.

Cost of attacking = 15g + (0.25g*( Region Population ) )

When the battle starts the wall value is calculated by this formula.

Wall value = 100 * Population * (1 + DefenseSystemQuality)
    If a country is being attacked in an core region, he cannot start any battles until the battle for his core region is over.
  • If one country has MPP with both countries in the same war, the MPP with attacking country will be deleted.
  • When core regions of a defending country are attacked Mutual Protection Pacts are activated. When Country A attacks Country B's core region, B's MPPs get activated. If Country C (which is an ally of B) has a common border with A then the war between C and A gets started with C as the attacker (and 24 hour initiative). MPPs don't activate if a non-core region is attacked. You can check a region to see if it's a core or not by checking the region page.
  • An attack can only be started from a region that shares the common border. An attack cannot be started from a defending region (for example if the region that the attack would be started from is being under attack in another war (Resistance War count as well).
  • Region cannot be attacked if it's already being attacked in another war (Resistance War also count)
  • If the attacker wins the battle, the region is conquered and the attacker have another 24h to start attack. If there's no attack 24 hours after the ending of last battle both countries have initiative.
  • If region changes owner there is a 24 hour cool-down period before region can be attacked again.
  • Presidents are also able to retreat from a battle at any time of the battle except in last 3 minutes. When they retreat attacker instantly conquers region and battle ends. This is mostly used for region swaps.

Region conquer

When the attacking country conquers the region they obtain gold from defending country treasury by this formula

Gold Obtained = Gold in country treasury / Number of Regions from the country that lost the region
  • If a region with a Hospital is conquered, the hospital Quality is decreased by 1
  • If a region with Defense system is conquered, the system is completely destroyed

Sign peace

War ends when one of the countries is deleted, when there is no more borders between them, or when the peace is signed. Peace can be proposed only by the President and both congresses of countries that are involved in war vote for that law. 

  • If peace is signed while there is active battle,the battle ends, the defender keeps the region and the war itself is closed.