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Tutorial: Wellness

Wellness is the most important thing in vPopulus. If your wellness reaches 0%, you will die, and you will need to revive yourself in order to keep playing. You can view your current wellness level at any time by looking at the HP bar in the left sidebar. Citizens' wellness levels are also displayed on their profile page.

The higher your wellness is, the higher your productivity will be when working, which means that you will get a higher percentage of your salary.

Example: LeBlanc has a salary of $10. The first day, she works when her wellness level is at 90%, so she earns $9. The second day, she works when her wellness level is at 80%, so she earns $8.

Additionally, the higher your wellness is, the higher your damage will be when hitting in battles.

Example: Viktor starts fighting at 98% wellness. His first hit is 3.74 damage and he loses 10 HP, ending at 88% wellness. His second hit is 3.52 damage and he loses 10 HP, ending at 78% wellness.

Activities that Affect Wellness

You lose some of your wellness every time that you work, train, fight, use a low quality moving ticket to change location, or fail to have food in your inventory before daychange.


Working each day will cost 1 wellness for each quality point of the company you work for.

Fiora is employed in a Quality 1 (Q1) company and loses 1 wellness point per day that she works. She then gets a new job at a Quality 3 (Q3) company and loses 3 wellness points per day that she works.


Training can only be done once per day and will cost you 1 wellness. Training each day is important for the development of your character.


Each time you fight, you lose 10 wellness. The wellness gain from the hospital depends on the quality (wellness gain = 10 x quality). Remember that if you fight more times than the quality of your hospital can recover your wellness for, it is difficult to recover wellness.

Example: Darius is located in a region with a Q5 hospital that recovers 50 wellness. He fights 6 times, so his net wellness loss is 10 (50 hospital gain - 6 fights x 10 wellness per fight).

Moving Tickets

Using a moving ticket will incur wellness loss for Q1 (-2) and Q2 (-1) tickets, and provides a gain using Q4 (+1) and Q5 (+2) tickets. Q3 tickets are neutral on wellness. There is no limit on using moving tickets.


If you don't have food in your inventory, you will lose 5 wellness points on day change. You gain 1 wellness point per quality of food consumed automatically at daychange. You may control the amount and quality of food consumed by visiting your inventory page and setting up your preferred daily distribution.

Example: Katarina has 1 Q1 food in her inventory. At daychange, the food is consumed and her wellness is increased by 1. The next day, she bought 1 Q3 food. At daychange, her wellness is increased by 3.


Juices can be used to increase wellness and can be purchased on the market. Up to 10 juices per day can be consumed.


Invest in a house to increase daily wellness gain (houses only work if you have food in your inventory at daychange). Daily wellness gain is 2 per quality of house.

Tips for Maintaining High Wellness

  • Always have food in your inventory at daychange--at least Q1. As you progress in the game you will probably want to buy higher quality food.
  • As a new player, it is better to work at a Q1 company to minimize wellness loss. As your character develops, you will be better able to recover wellness, thus enabling you to work in higher quality companies.
  • Do not fight if there is no hospital available. Only fight the number of times that the hospital allows wellness recovery. For example, a Q5 hospital provides 50 wellness gain--enough for 5 fights.

Cheat Sheet: Losing Wellness

Activities that decrease wellness:

Fighting-10 per fight
Not having food in your inventory at daychange-5
Moving with Q1 or Q2 tickets*Q1 ticket: -2
*Q2 ticket: -1
Working-1 per quality of good produced.

Cheat Sheet: Increasing Wellness

Activities that increase wellness:

Automatically eating food at daychange+1 per quality of food
Drinking juice+1 per quality of juice
Moving with Q4 or Q5 tickets*Q4 ticket: +1
*Q5 ticket: +2
Using a wellness pack+10
Owning a house+2 per quality of house
Using a hospital+10 per quality of hospital