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A country is a type of polity that is an organized political community living under a single system of government.


A Country in vPopulus is a group of players, sharing the same ingame nationality, which has been granted a country status. Countries are able to declae war to eachother, be visible in the Nationalities list or own regions. Currently there are 14 countries.
Country flagAustraliaDiscord
Country flagBrazilDiscord
Country flagChinaunknown
Country flagEnglandDiscord
Country flagHungaryDiscord
Country flagMacedoniaDiscord
Country flagPolandDiscord
Country flagPortugalDiscord
Country flagRomaniaDiscord
Country flagSerbiaDiscord
Country flagSwedenDiscord
Country flagTaiwanDiscord
Country flagTurkeyDiscord
Country flagUnited StatesDiscord

Country Candidates

If there are people interested in creating a currently-unavailable country, that entity is granted a Country Candidate status. All candidates need to go through the same process as all the previous countries went. Currently there are 9 country Candidates, in different stages of forming.
Country flagArgentinaNoticedunknown
Country flagBulgariaNoticedunknown
Country flagCroatiaNoticedunknown
Country flagFinlandGathering...Discord
Country flagFranceNoticedunknown
Country flagItalyGathering...Discord
Country flagLatviaNoticedunknown
Country flagSpainNoticedunknown
Country flagVenezuelaNoticedunknown

How to make a Country?

You probably would like to make your own country as available. For now, you have to go through the three easy steps. Every country did those steps earlier:
  • Get noticed. First, you need to inform the team about the need to a country to be born. You can do it by using the ticket system or vPopulus Discord servers.
  • Settle a Community. Then, after the Team notices you, your country becomes a Candidate. Now is the time to make a place for your fellow (future) countrymen to gather, talk, discuss and invite foreigners.
  • Gather players. Final stage is the most time-consuming. You need to encourage your fellow (future) countrymen to join your community.
When we will see more than enough number of (future) country citizens, we will grant the Country status and start discussing with you the way of your official appearing.