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Welcome to vPopulus community page.

We know vPopulus is all about community and we don't want you missing on any part of it! Here are several contact forms of each country.

We advice all countries setting up a discord server since it's very easy and community friendly.

Country Discord Other
vPopulus vPopulus vPopulus Studio Official Server -
USA USA vAmerican Empire National Server -
Poland Poland vPolska -
Hungary Hungary vPopHun -
Macedonia Macedonia vMacedonia -
Romania Romania Romania -
Turkey Turkey Turkey -
Portugal Portugal Portugal -
Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan -
Brazil Brazil Brazil -
Australia Australia Australia -
italy Italy Italy -
Serbia Serbia Serbia AND Serbia2 -
Sweden Sweden Sweden -
bosnia-and-herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina -
Croatia Croatia Croatia -
Finland Finland Finland -
England England England -
Japan Japan Japan -
Argentina Argentina Argentina -
mexico Mexico Mexico -