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Construction Tutorial

There are a lot of changes in construction module from PRIME to Zeta. This tutorial is updated from each step of the life of a building.

Life of a Building
  • Construction company is created and chooses 1 license; *
  • Company choses the construction type and the region it wants to start the construction;
  • When construction is finished the entity (Organisation, Party or Army) that owns the company will have the construction in their possession;*2
  • Once in your inventory, constructions can be Used, Sold or moved;
  • Alike manufacturing and land, construction workers have to be in the same country as the construction.
* 1st license is free, other licenses cost 50 gold. Licenses are: Houses, Hotels, Defence Systems and Hospitals.
*2 You can access all your construction at the menu 'My places -> Accomodation'

The first part covers the life of a building, let's now move to the usage of a building.
Accomodation work as a hospital for 1 player. Player needs to own a house or rent an hotel room and to be in the same region as the building to use it. Using accomodation will give you House/hotel Quality * 10 Wellness. Each citizen can only use accmodation, house OR hotel, once per day.

Usage of a building
  1. Access 'My places -> Accomodation';
  2. See in which region you have house(s);
  3. If you're in a region that you own an house you can use it;
  4. If you don't own an house, and there's any hotels in the region with offers posted, you can use the hotel for a free.

Capacity of hotels
Quality Wellness per use Total number of rooms per day

Upcoming features
  • Make houses/hotels pay tax to country;
  • Improve hotel edit page;
  • Add house edit page;
  • Make houses/hotels pay tax to country
  • Queue while working in construction