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vPopulus is a social, strategic, massively multiplayer online browser game. It is a real time model of the world where players can join political, business, military and journalistic careers. Players or citzens can manage companies and sell products on the market, join political parties and candidate for congress or president. You can join the army and fight in a war against another country or you can be journalist and publish newspaper articles. vPopulus is a game that is heavily based on the social aspects of gaming. It’s not just a game, it’s a huge community of players from around the globe. The possibilities are endless!

First steps

Step 1: Upload your avatar picture

Avatar picture represents you in vPopulus. To upload your avatar go to your profile page and click Manage.Image file must be a .JPG / .JPEG extension and size must be 250 x 250 pixels.

Step 2: Get a job

Working is very important because you will need money to buy products on the market. Go to ( Market -> Jobs ) and find a job.

There are three fields you can work in. Manufacturing, Land and Construction.

You will start at level 0, but you will quickly work your way higher. The higher your level, the less it will increase each day.

If you switch to a new field of work and haven't worked in that field before, you will start at level 0.

You will not lose the level achieved in another field when you switch, and can always resume at that level again.

The higher your level, the more money is offered by Companies for work. So check back often and see if you can get a better wage.

Step 3: Work

In order to work go to ( My places -> Company ) and click work under the company avatar. You will receive a salary for each day worked. Keep in mind that production depend on wellness and your salary will depend on how much you produce. Keep your wellness as high as posible. Tip: Work before Train.

Step 4: Train

If you want to help your country in war you must train daily and gain strength. In order to train go to ( My places -> Training grounds ).

Step 5: Buy food

To survive you must consume food every day, it will keep your wellness high. You can buy it on market and once a day the highest quality food unit from your inventory will be automatically consumed.

For example, if you work at a Q1 job, and train each day, you will need a Q2 food item each day to replace the two wellness lost. If you work in a Q2 job, you will need a Q3 food item to replace lost wellness.

If you own a house, or stay in a hotel, these figures will change

Step 6: Fight

Be very careful with this because you are able to lose your wellness very fast. It's recommended for you to join an Army ( My places -> Army ) and follow orders. Wars are displayed on main screen or going thru Info -> Active Wars.

If you are in an area with a hospital, a heal button will be displayed on the battle page. It will show you the maximum wellness regeneration possible from that hospital.

You can only click on this TWICE per day, once in the AM hours and once in the PM hours, and only you need to fight first. So make sure you are in an area with a hospital when you are fighting.

Step 7: Chat

As said before vPopulus is a huge community of players and it's very important to get in contact with others, it is the best way to learn. To access chat go to ( Community -> Chat ).