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Wastelands tutorial

What are wastelands?

Wastelands are regions that initially don’t belong to any country, don’t have any resources, have no impact on Congress, on money got from county accounts and you cannot move to them. The purpose of wastelands is to allow countries to declare wars even to countries they originally don't have borders with. This way countries can conquer regions from 'non-active' countries.

  • Country president, Country Vice-President and country Minister of Defense can attack wastelands;
  • Each wasteland costs 10 Gold to attack and walls are between 100 and 10000, changing every time the wasteland is attacked;
  • Countries can attack and conquer as many wastelands as they wish;
  • When a country borders another country original region or wasteland region, war can be declared upon the other country;
  • When a country that was previously a wasteland starts being a country, the country that had control of the wastelands will automatically lose it;
  • Battle heros from wasteland battles will be awarded;
  • Wastelands owned by a country can be seen in Country society page.

How can I attack a wasteland?

CP, VP or MoD can attack wastelands from country military page. You should see an image like this
Attack wastelands